Cindy’s presentation shows the impossible is possible, if taken 10-feet-at-a-time!

Using compelling story-telling and powerful pictorial images, Cindy brings the audience with her as she tackles life’s mountains, both literally and figuratively. Born on a small farm in Nebraska, Cindy grew up understanding the meaning of hard work. It was, however, her 14-year battle to get her medical diagnosis that ignited her fire for living life. She, not the disease, would be the author of “The Life and Times of Cindy Abbott” and thus she developed her “10-feet-at-a-time” approach to any obstacle that came her way. “Don’t focus on the summit so high in the sky, just look at the 10-feet in front of you!”

Cindy’s journey contains many messages and their effects are far-reaching. Each person seems to find their own personal take-away. For some it is inspirational, motivational, eye-opening perspective on living life, and the importance of following one’s dreams. For others it is the importance of resilience and the perseverance needed to tackle obstacles. For everyone it is a heart-warming journey through one of the most unique examples of what the human spirit can accomplish.

Ideal Audience: Any

Cindy has been a keynote speaker for groups and conferences ranging from medical to political. She has been the main event at an evening of enlightening entertainment. The basis for the groups’ gathering does not seem to matter. Cindy’s experiences reach into the hearts and minds of all in attendance.

Key Points:

  • To show how adversity can elicit hidden strength.
  • To show what might be thought of as impossible may be possible, if taken 10-feet-at-a-time.
  • To inspire people to reach for their dreams.
  • To Raise Rare Disease Awareness and encourage health care advocacy.
  • To impress upon people the value of life. Life is for living, loving, and experiencing everything and everyone in our world or other worlds (Yes, Cindy would like to take the NORD banner for a walk on the Moon, but that is for another day).

Presentation Time: About 60 minutes. Additional time for Question and Answer period. Time can be adjusted to fit schedule.

Home Base: In 2016, Cindy and her husband moved off-the-grid to Willow, Alaska. Travel, however, is not a problem as she is only a few hours’ drive from Anchorage, a major airline hub.

Topics: Resilience, Inspirational, Motivational, Adversity, Empowerment, Adventurer, Rare Disease Advocate, Visionary Entrepreneur, Healthcare, and Education.

Speaker Fee: Contact Cindy with event details and location to receive a quote and check availability.